Ten Year Quest Complete

A few days ago a quest of mine was completed. This particular quest started back in 1998 when I obtained the first piece to this collection. I was intrigued and started to search out and obtain each item in this collection. The last piece took me a bit longer than the others to come across but that day has finally occurred. Some of you may have figured out that I am talking about the statehood quarter collection and my last piece was the Hawaii quarter. I doubt this collection will ever be worth more than the 12.50 face value, it was fun to collect and see all the difference designs. Click to see the Hawaii quarter if you have not seen it yet.

2009-02-16-19-45-51_img_135Aiden’s potty training is basically complete. He mostly gives enough time for us to help him out of his pants and onto the potty. He sits w/o using any special seats which is a huge plus. The only remaining item is for him to be able to get out of his pants and on the potty by himself. I am sure that will take quite some time to finish but we are proud of him.

2009-02-22-15-07-25_img_136This last weekend Brandon went to a Blue and Gold ceremony. That is a cub scout ceremony where the second year webelo’s advance from being a cub scout to being a boy scout. This particular ceremony was a medieval theme, so Brandon made a sword and had a shield made with his name for the back of his chair. They had a magician show that was pretty cute. The magician was not that good, his sleight of hand needed work and you could see him pulling things from his pockets or storing things into them, but the kids loved it. And the rest of the night was very LONG. Aiden was going nuts by the time we could leave.

2009-02-22-17-10-05_img_141However there was one high light that made most of the adults smile. The younger kids were having mock sword fights and a little girl about four years old started to chase after the boys and hit them with her pink purse. I have captured a few pictures of her hitting Brandon, I will try to get them online at some point. So I will just leave you with a picture of Brandon, Hunter and his tiger den leader Scott.

23. February 2009 by Rick
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