Has it been a month already?

Wow, one month since my last post. Where does the time go? Well I guess those with kids know how much time flies when you spend it with your kids. That is a good thing by the way.

img_0014Lets start with the most recent and work backwards..Valentine’s Day, ok, I guess I am early. Since it is always so crowded on the actual Valentine’s day, Danith and I have an unspoken custom to go early. This year I took Danith to The Melting Pot. The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant in Minneapolis. We had the 3 course meal, a beer cheese fondue, followed by the broth and meats and then a white/milk chocolate dessert fondue. With our wine it was a great dinner. I apologize for forgetting to rotate the picture of Danith and her Tulips, but too late now. 🙂

img_0012I got a new Cannon camera to finally replace the two 5 year old camera’s that were our “primary” cameras. This camera is hackable and it allowed me to upload new features into the camera that out of the box it does not support, like faster or slower shutter speeds, better movies etc. One of the additional features is the ability to either greyscale all except a highlight color, or to swap colors. Now in the quick test I replaced Brandon’s shirt color from blue to red. Now in the picture on the left there was too many shadows to have it work well, but it is just an example of what it can do. The color highlight will save me time in photoshop to make nice highlighted pictures.

Another time waster for me is scanning old pictures. This time I send a large batch of photos, close to 500, to Scan Cafe to be scanned for me. I have not gotten them back, but got to see the thumbnails online and picked a couple that made me laugh. The first is me and Randy Vath in middle school during my “skater” days. The second is in high-school, Brad Nuss and I were “featured” in a Post Bulletin article about the advanced physics classes that Mayo offered. Of course they picked us doing something extremely geeky and moving equipment.

12. February 2009 by Rick
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