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2009-04-22-18-54-38_img_1364-resizeToday is my birthday, I am turning 34. My sister who is current living in Japan sent me a nice box of Japanese goodies and a birthday hat. Since I am at home today I will sample a few of them and gauge my reactions!

When I first opened the box last night I was greeted with a plethora of items, various kit-kats, some hard candies and some chip like items. Some had obvious pictures like the banana kit-kats, and some had English text describing the flavor like Teriyaki, some had a picture like little shrimp, and finally some were just Kanji text. Each was going to be a surprise.

2009-04-22-18-56-15_img_1365-resizeLast night we saw this item, a teriyaki corn stick and decided to give it a shot. Upon opening the packaging Danith was the first to comment on the very strong odor. Yes it was definitely covered in a heavy teriyaki flavor. Brandon took the first bite and here is his reaction. I took the second bite.. Tasted like a really thick Bugle that has been soaked in Soy sauce a bit too long. Unfortunately this one we did not finish.

2009-04-22-19-00-19_img_1368-resizeNext was a chocolate item, again we had this one last night. These were little chocolate pyramids with a pink tip. I assume this is supposed to be chocolate covered strawberries. These had an excellent chocolate flavor with the usual fake strawberry. They were quite tasty and Brandon and I quickly finished off the box. Now this is more like it!

2009-04-23-09-22-53_img_1371-resizeNext was a snack from Calbee. I have had some of their previous snacks and they are always a potato based snack with some special flavors. Based on the packaging I would guess shrimp. I was imagining a cooked shrimp flavor but upon opening the package it smelled just like fresh caught raw shrimp. Popping one into my mouth the taste was very similar to the smell. Actually not too bad, but a different shrimp flavor than say a pack of Ramon noodles. I finished off the bag except for one that I tossed to Max. He did not see eye to eye with me on this one and after smelling it for a good two mintues decided to pass.

Stay tuned for more Japanese food sampling!

23. April 2009 by Rick
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