Everything and the kitchen “sink”

New FaucetFirst off I apologize for the lack of posts, no real excuses, everybody is busy, so chalk it up to being too lazy to sit down and write something.

Let me start with the recent and work backwards. This weekend we decided to replace our leaky kitchen faucet with a new one. The old one was leaky, cheap and ugly. It could have probably been repaired and saved, but why when we can have a nice new faucet in it’s place.

After shopping around at Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards we bought a Moen Torrence edition brushed nickel model. Looked nice except the sprayer was cheap looking, but we did not care as we have a better sprayer that I would just hook on.

After getting it home and the old sink taken off I took an inventory of the parts needed.. Two hose extensions.. Oh and I needed to hook up our old sprayer. Well that is the hard part I guess. Moen faucets come with a quick connector for their sprayer, however the Kohler one we have has a compression end. So first trip to Menards and I picked up what I thought would work.

Getting home I had to use the hack saw on the new faucet to remove the “quick connector” and was left with a 1/4 MIP male pipe fitting. The same connector as the Kohler sprayer! But alas the inside diameter of the pipe was too narrow so the sprayer did not fit. Back to Menards for an extension.

Second trip to Menards for the extension coupler. Well I forgot that I needed a Male – Female coupler and just picked up a Male – Male one. Doh! Third trip for the right connector and 30 minutes later we had a new kitchen faucet.

Other news.. Brandon had his friend Hunter spend the night Friday, his first sleep over at his house. It went very well other than the occasional melt down where he wanted to do something and Hunter wanted to do something else. Typical 6 year old stuff.

For Easter Aiden got a new big wheel. He loves it but is not big enough to pedal it yet. I will get a picture of him on it shortly. Brandon got new roller blades from the bunny, again a picture will be coming soon.

Summer sports are starting this week for Brandon… Tee ball Tuesdays and Thursdays and Swimming MWF. In May he is starting Golf lessons and Dad gets to come with to dust off his rust.. Hopefully in time for his Golf weekend on May 28th.

Danith is scrap booking again, so time to print out more digital prints!

20. April 2009 by Rick
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