Spring *break*

This week is Brandon’s spring break, so he does not have school. We decided to keep him out of his normal Kids Club so he could enjoy the warm weather and play with his neighbors. Well long story short the weather has been in the 30-40s, so no outside playing has occurred.

I was originally planning on working from home M-W and then Danith would take over Thursday and Friday. Monday started off well, but after only a few hours of being cooped up in the house Brandon was bouncing off the walls. This of course made it hard for me to get any work done.

For a break I took Tuesday off of work and along with one of Brandon’s friends we went to the Water park of America.

Brandon enjoyed all the smaller water slides, and went down them all by himself. They played in the wave pool many times, even though at times they went too deep and had to hurry back before the next wave came over them. It was a fun 4 hours in the water and a great diversion.

2009-03-29-14-33-49_img_088Today, Wednesday, I am again trying to work from home and Brandon seems to be doing better to stay occupied. Cross your fingers for me!

In other news, one of my trusty laptops decided it was time for spring break and decided to break. A few years ago one hinge broke but it was still usable. This past weekend the other hinge stopped turning and the screen broke completely free.

2009-03-29-14-34-05_img_089Well in true Macgyver style I quickly took a metal L bracket and screwed it to the laptop bottom. Now if I am careful I can open the screen, balance it on L-bracket and the laptop is still functional. Although I will have to replace it soon and dismantle this one and perhaps turn it into a WiFi picture frame.

Have a good week everybody!

01. April 2009 by Rick
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