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We have broken down and decided to redo our porch. To make a long story short, the porch was never usable when we first built the house. It was too narrow to really sit on. A few years ago we removed all the railings to try to remedy that but that was only a temporary solution.

As the fake decking aged it was getting slippery and dangerous, so enough was enough.  We hired a contractor and priced out extending our porch, removing a beam as well as redoing our window trim and of course painting.

Stage one is almost complete.  The porch is now much deeper and looks great, (See photos below).

As this project is commencing, Brandon and I had to redo some landscaping around our air conditioner.  The dogwoods were overgrown and out of control.  I removed those this spring, and replaced them with something else that Danith bought.  (Can you tell I am not a plant person).  However we never completed it due to something or another, so it sat and the dirt started to get weeds and started to look bad.

With Brandon’s muscles we shoveled many, many wheelbarrows of rock from the truck and wheeled it to the side of the house.  I also had to dig up and reset one of our sprinkler control boxes as it was sinking.  But job well done, thanks Brandon!

29. July 2012 by Rick
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